The Complete Cytology Solution

CellSolutions offers products for sample collection, preservation, slide preparation and digital evaluation of liquid-based cytology samples. Multiple cytology preparation platforms offer flexibility and workload efficiency for all laboratory volumes. BestCyte is an interactive, automated cytology screening system for presenting high-resolution, digital cellular images for diagnostic review. The web-based software allows for secure, remote screening and diagnosis of cervical cytology cases.

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Unique preservative solutions allow maximum cell preservation and reduction of unsatisfactory specimens, resulting in the highest quality cell presentation.

General Cytology Preservative

For use with all cytology specimens and compatible with most DNA-based HPV and infectious disease testing. A non-flammable and less toxic preservative that maintains cellular morphology and tolerates small amounts of blood without inhibiting diagnostic capabilities.

Red Lytic Preservative

For preservation and transport of non-gynecological cytology specimens. It greatly reduces the impact of blood and mucus from interfering with the examination of diagnostic cells in thin-layer cytology preparations.


CellSolutions’ slide preparation method improves specimen adequacy and cell presentation. The range of processors offer flexibility and maximum economy for all labs regardless of size and cost structures.

GluCyte manual method

CellSolutions 30

CellSolutions F50


State of the art digital cytology imaging system, helping pathologists and cytotechnologists diagnose cases accurately and efficiently.

  • Fully Automated Glass Slide Scanner capable of 24/7 operation processing thin-layer cytology slides.
  • Remote Evaluation and Diagnosis of Cytology
  • Networked Storage for Virtual slides.
  • Whole Slide Image Analysis using a new generation of algorithms that are highly accurate.
  • Detection of abnormal cells of all types, grouping those according to appearance and specific characteristics – presented in high resolution.
  • Distributed networked system design allows system to scale to match demand.
  • Scanner offers histology applications and software available through 3DHISTECH.