CellSolutions develops high quality liquid based preparation and evaluation systems for cytology applications. Pending FDA-PMA approval, our primary area of focus will be women’s health, including cervical cancer screening, pre-cancer detection and evaluation of infectious disease. Currently, our products are suitable for a broad range of non-Gyn applications including urine and fine needle aspirations.

We offer a complete solution for your cytology needs, ranging from sample collection, preservation and slide preparation. Advanced image analysis and innovative slide evaluation technology is in the final stages of development and evaluation.

Slide Preparation

The CellSolutions’ preservatives and slide preparation method improves specimen adequacy and cell presentation. The range of processors – GluCyte manual method, CellSolutions 30 and CellSolutions F50 – offer flexibility and maximum economy for all labs regardless of size and cost structures. All processes use our proprietory GluCyte emulsion and cell adherent to ensure the highest level of quality in slide preparation and cell presentation.


In the near future our thin layer slides will be evaluated using a state of the art digital imaging system, helping pathologists and cytotechnologists to diagnose cases accurately and efficiently while reducing the tedium of the screening process. Learn more…

Sample Preservation

Unique preservative solutions – allow maximum cell preservation and reduction of unsatisfactory specimens, resulting in the highest quality cell presentation.
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