CellSols_GluCyte copy

Enabling affordable thin-layer Pap testing, HPV and STD testing for the populations of the world.

  • Cost effective, affordable and practical
  • No expensive instruments required
  • Less expensive disposable components
  • Less expensive reagents
  • Less labor intensive
  • Compares well with other thin-layer preparations*
  • Compatible with most DNA -based HPV and infectious disease testing
  • Simple reproducible method
    • Very cellular sample
    • Homogeneous, representative sub-sampling
    • Total sample goes to laboratory
    • No loss of endocervical cells
    • Rapid liquid cell preservation
    • Reduced effect from blood and protein
  • Non-flammable and less toxic preservative
  • Cell appearance consistent with conventional cytology
    • Textbook cell presentation
    • Flat Field, not three dimensional
    • Infectious agents present
    • Easier and faster screening
    • ISO 13485:2003 Certified USA Manufacturer
  • High throughput automated option

*ASC Publication